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- Jackie Halbin, Wellness Director
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Evangelical Homes of Michigan
Evangelical Homes of Michigan realized they needed to be progressive with their care and implement a new model of senior living due to the economic housing crunch in Michigan. Fewer older adults being able to sell their home, and loss of retirement income in the stock market, created unique needs in the lives of older adults. Read More

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"The Interactive Health Partner system allows us to touch each person individually, whether it is through their exercise programming, assessments, health history, vital statistics, goal setting, and/or educational information..." Read More

- Jackie Hablin, Wellness Director

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Your residents have highly specific requirements. Enhance your level of care with software tailored to the precise needs of your senior community.

+ Fall Prevention Balance Assessments

You have access to proven, fall prevention assessment programs developed by leading researchers. These include:

With one click, the IHP system can show assessment results (based on national normative data) for an individual or groups to identify those at risk. Outcomes results provide invaluable data to understand the effectiveness of current programs, identify the need for program adjustments, and guide residents to appropriate classes or exercises to help maximize their years of independent living.

Test results can be instantly shared with your residents comparing baseline results with the most current assessment. The section "What your results mean" shows how their results compare to others in their age group and recommended exercises are listed so improvements can be made.

+ Health Assessment Screenings

Are you measuring Health Metrics such as blood pressure, weight, glucose and cholesterol? Do you have an automated tracking system that can quickly summarize outcomes? The IHP provides instant health metric outcomes for both individuals and groups of individuals.

As you use the IHP, you'll find the data stored in the system to be very beneficial for making factual, informed decisions quickly and easily.

+ Older Adult Exercise Prescription, Guidance & Monitoring

Wellness/Activity Directors can implement programming based on outcomes identified in the IHP reports. For example, poor scores on the Senior Fitness Test may lead wellness coordinators to customize balance, leg strength or flexibility programs accordingly. The more you can "preserve" the independence of your residents, the less money you'll spend on managing illness and injuries, thus improving your bottom line.

The IHP is uniquely designed to allow you to build and prescribe custom exercises and exercise programs for your residents. Our "Build an Exercise Calendar" feature allows you to create exercises for individuals or groups of individuals.

The IHP's comprehensive older adult exercise library includes photos and video clips of how to preform each exercise. You can easily add your center's often prescribed exercises with photos and videos too!

+ Wellness and Fitness Management

As your program develops, you have the opportunity to set up your residents with their own IHP "Home Page". Residents can log into their IHP account, set goals, view their workout calendar, log activity and track their progress. The IHP provides instant feedback on how their health and fitness levels are improving!

Walking Programs and the IHP Pedometer

The IHP offers unique opportunities to facilitate walking programs for your residents. You can create walking teams or groups and then have a competition to see which team collectively walks the most steps. Or, you can use the IHP to track steps for your community as a whole.

To enhance the program, the IHP's Pedometer can be worn to track seven days worth of activity (steps, calories, distance and time). The built-in USB port makes syncing the exercise results to the residents account a simple process.

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