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- Gordon Opel, MS
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Industry-leading, affordable software consolidates all aspects of your health and fitness management into one easy-to-use, flexible system. From cardiac rehabilitation and physical therapy to general practice medicine, you've found the solution to your patient's needs.

+ Results, Metrics and Program-Efficiency Analysis

Success in Medical Fitness is viewed both tangibly and statistically. Value is found in the fusion of individual patient improvement and your institution's cumulative success. With Interactive Health Partner you will stay on top of both. Never again question an individual patient's success or the overall worth of a health program. The IHP consolidates a wealth of information, giving you numerous clickable reports to review your performance, track your outcomes, and validate your efforts and expenses.

Individual patient analysis: Complete health metric data and fitness analyses keep your fingers on the pulse of your patients at all times. View baseline statistics and current readings for everything from strength and flexibility to blood glucose and basal metabolic levels.

Aggregate feedback summaries: Interactive Health Partner takes the guesswork out of determining program value by providing thorough analysis of every client in a single report. Customizable evaluations show you the group data that you want to see for the specific time frame that you wish to see it. Multiple members, multiple variables, all in one place.

+ Medical Fitness Assessments and Tests

IHP's impressive suite of medical fitness evaluations provide comprehensive insight into every patient's fitness level. Academically-based assessments safely determine each member's state of fitness, test balance proficiency, determine unique barriers to activity and provide insight into individual strengths and areas of concern.

Health Fitness Assessment: The most comprehensive fitness evaluation on the market, the Health Fitness Assessment (HFA) provides the most complete test of health and fitness available. Using the gold-standard for fitness analysis, the HFA provides a detailed health portrait of each of your clients. Body composition, cardiovascular fitness and total-body strength are precisely calculated and recorded to keep your accurately informed at all times.

Senior Fitness Test: Also known as the Functional Fitness Test, the Senior Fitness (SFT) is an answer to the need for a simple, easy-to-administer battery of test items to assess the functional fitness of older adults. Developed by Dr. Roberta Rikli, Dean of the College of Health and Human Development at California State University, Fullerton, the SFT is safe and enjoyable and meets scientific standards for reliability and validity. It also has accompanying performance norms from actual performance scores of over 7,000 men and women between the ages of 60 and 94. For any application in any facility, the Senior Fitness Test is the perfect tool to functionally assess your senior population.

Fullerton Advanced Balance Test: Fall risk cannot be overstated or underprepared for. With the Fullerton Advanced Balance Test (FAB) it is possible to determine your member's exact balance proficiency and create a detailed report of their specific areas of capability and risk. Developed by Dr. Debbie Rose, Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton, and pioneered by the Center for Successful Aging and the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence, the FAB will revolutionize your fall prevention management.

Barriers to Activity: Researchers have identified seven common physical activity barriers that make it difficult, if not impossible, to fit exercise into your day. Interactive Health Partner's Barriers to Activity assessment calculates individual susceptibility to these barriers and presents advanced recommendations for overcoming them. Each member will receive insight into lifestyle changes that will assist in the completion of their goals and expedite results.

+ Member Management and Prescription

Member management has never been simpler or more comprehensive. IHP's advanced administration features empower your members and enable your facility's specific goals. Goal management, individual and group exercise prescription, and client-connectivity tools transform the way you assist your users.

Goal features make short, medium and long term goals both visual and attainable. Progress is detailed both visibly and statistically, with achievements awarded for each success. Bluetooth-enabled data tracking gives instant feedback of a member's progress, providing a wealth of information to both the client and the health professional.

Consistently stay on top of your programming with thorough activity monitoring and client communication tools. Send feedback, instructions and recommendations to individual clients or entire exercise groups directly from the software's interface with the click of a button.

From conception to realization, pave the road for a client through to the attainment of their goals. Using feedback from IHP's health and fitness assessments or via the dynamic goal functionality, safe and detailed exercise programs can be created for each individual member. Cardiovascular fitness programs, strength training regimens and flexibility and balance courses are quickly generated to give you unlimited power to define unique health curriculums. Create exercise teams of similar clients to encourage motivation and expedite successes.

Whether you have one specific need or multiple requirements, Interactive Health Partner will revolutionize the way you manage your members and interpret your facility's success. With everything in one place, your client management has never been more successful.

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