The Best Tool to Manage Health & Fitness

Manage your members, residents, employees, patients, or individual clients with this comprehensive yet simple and
intuitive software!


Using a whole person wellness approach, the IHP combines health and fitness management into one, easy to use, online solution.

Comprehensive yet simple, intuitive, and affordable!


You choose what you want
to use.

Whether you want to assess your members' fitness levels, prescribe exercise programs, track health metrics, report outcomes....

You decide!


The power and reach of the internet keeps you connected with your members…

and your members connected
to you!


IHP brings together the industry's best health and fitness assessments, exercise programs, and professional expertise...

and integrates with IHP certified exercise equipment, activity monitors and health monitors.

What's your business?
Interactive Health Partner: Simple Flexible Connected Integrated What's Your Business?
What's New

Announcing Interactive Health Partner Version 2.0
A major upgrade of the look and power of IHP.

ICAA Awards IHP as 2013 Innovator
The International Council on Active Aging has named IHP the Recipient of the 2013 Innovator Award.

IHP Use Can Protect Against Injury
Research shows that participation in wellness programs protects against physical decline and risk of falls in assisted adults.

IHP Is A Partner In Success
Towne House Retirement Community, an IHP user, was recently profiled in U.S. News' "Best Nursing Homes of 2013."

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