IHP delivers results for Senior Living Facilities, Exercise Physiologists, and Medical Fitness Centers

Benefits of the Interactive Health Partner to Lakeview Village

By Jackie Halbin, Wellness Director

We use IHP as a tracking tool for community wide assessment results. Upon completing over 400 Senior Fitness Test assessments we wanted a way to look at the results as a whole, not only individually. For example, by tracking our results as a community we can see what our programming is doing, if we are successfully improving the health and fitness of our residents or if we need to concentrate on a specific area where we are not improving.

Following our first round of Senior Fitness Testing we discovered we needed to concentrate on flexibility, so in all of our programming and education we focused our fitness programming on flexibility development, thus giving our participants the power to increase their range of motion. Without the IHP Summary Results report, we would have never known to make this a focus. As we continue to do our assessment and enter the data, we are continuing to see improvement in all categories. This is a real bonus as we believe this will keep our participants healthy and independent, and appreciating all that we provide them with our health and fitness programming. Over the last four years of tracking our assessment information with the IHP, we are seeing more and more participants move out of the below average category and up into the normal and above average ranges, without IHP summary results reports we would have been guessing at what we needed to do in our programming. Most importantly, our residents would never have known how they were doing, if they were improving their health and fitness or not!

Engaging Residents in their Health & Fitness

As a retirement community we are convinced that the IHP keeps our residents engaged, excited and motivated to stay committed to their health and fitness, we know we have a significantly lower rate of drop outs from our program and we also know we are benefiting from lower healthcare costs in both our residents and staff. Our staff has even noticed that they are not doing as many transfers and physical assistance with our residents, as residents become healthier and fitter and able to move independently reducing the need for staff assistance on a daily basis.

Saving Staff Time

As the director of the program, I admit at first I was selfishly focused on the reports being available so I could track my program outcomes. Upon teaching many of participants how to use the IHP system, I found it saved significant staff time as each participant could look up and review their results and programming information as they wanted to. This has helped arm our participants with information they can review and they know what they can focus on to maintain or improve their results, plus we are not making copies of scorecards so they can keep them and see what their prior scores were, which in the past were always lost and then our residents had no idea where they were and where they were going. Now they can look up their individual results, which are date stamped and they can review their history anytime, anywhere with just one click into their online personal account.

Using Valuable Reports

By using IHP we have been able to make statistical information available to our residents. IHP has also allowed us to apply for grant funding because we have the evidence based data from the IHP in clear, easy to understand summary reports, by gender and by age groups. By receiving grant funding we are able to improve and update our programs all while serving our participants with their own personal data. We no longer have to spend staff time doing spreadsheets, tracking, logging and calculating this information to show all of these results.

Delivering a Personal Touch

Another reason I like IHP is it allows us (myself as the director and my staff) to have a personal touch. For example, we can see when the person last worked out, what they did, and if they have been improving all on a few screens. We do not have to file workout cards, track attendance, or log any information on a spreadsheet, we simply look at a few screens to get our information. We can then add onto a workout or suggest a new workout when they have completed a certain number of sessions.

IHP also allows the participant to update their information as they complete their workouts, for example, if the participant increases their resistance, they simply type in the new amount they accomplished. We no longer have to change a workout card. Also, it is very empowering to the participant to be able to update their history, as it brings a certain level of accountability to them and they are in charge.

Receiving Tax Credits

Lastly, we were very pleased to receive a significant tax credit from the state of Kansas all thanks to the outstanding evidence based data we were able to track in the IHP. The tax credit was a significant financial savings for Lakeview Village, totaling $337,600!